About Bracken Construction


In 1956, Bracken Construction Company began when three partners moved their newly created crane and steel erection business to a service station location on South Gallatin Street in Jackson, Mississippi. The company grew at this location under the guidance of the partners, brothers Ray and C.P. Bracken and John Shivers until 1962.

That year, Bracken Construction Company moved to 5068 Gault Street, where it was headquartered for the next 23 years. That same year, a third brother, J.C. Bracken, joined the company when he purchased the interest of John Shivers.

By 1966, Bracken Construction Company owned eight cranes. In 1969, the company purchased the first of many hydraulic cranes it would add to its inventory, a 25-ton capacity Warner & Swaysey.

When C.P. Bracken died in 1975, the remaining two partner brothers continued their commitment to grow the business and increase its influence in the region. By assembling a strong core of hardworking, experienced ironworkers and crane operators, Bracken won the loyalty of its customers and employees.

Bracken Construction Company was known as a service company that could get the job done right the first time.

In 1992, J.C. Bracken became the sole owner of Bracken Construction Company and began turning day-to-day operations of the company over to his two sons, Chris and Jeff Bracken. By 2000, J.C. Bracken settled into semi-retirement and in December 2001, he died following a lengthy illness. His advice and shrewd business sense was a valuable asset to the company and continues to be missed as the company moves into the future.

Chris and Jeff Bracken’s strong leadership have seen the company take new and bold steps toward the future. The future of construction promises to be exciting and demanding. Bracken Construction Company and its management team look forward to these challenges and opportunities.